Voice Over


Commercial, Business, Narration, Audiobook, & unique Character voices

With over 8+ years experience as an actor and 2+ years as a voice over artist:
 I can record a young, enthusiastic North American female voice over for your project! 


Now available for hire on Fiverr.com!

200 words for only $5
Includes FAST delivery and expert customer service!



At-Home Professional Recording Studio

There's no need to wait for your project to be delivered; with my at-home studio I record up to 2000 words, edit, and deliver your choice of format in under 24 hours! 


Coastal Excursions, LLC.

I recorded the tagline for a summer charter boat company from Cape Cod, MA for Captain Mike Sosnowski.

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Rat Princess

I developed a unique character voice for the inner monologue of the "Rat Princess" for an experimental theatrical project, with director Wimoto Nyoko. 

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Sinking Ship Creations, LLC.

I narrated the guiding rules for an urban fantasy interactive role play gaming event, directed by Ryan Hart.